Friday, December 30, 2016

Adagio Teas - Casablanca Twist


  • Nose: Light notes of mint cover up almost all aromas of tea, but you can tell it is not pure mint due to a more muted nose note. (8/10)
  • Brew: Dark Gold 
  • First Note: Direct mint forward coolness (8/10)
  • Body: Very moist but light tea taste, mint hides well in the body (7/10)
  • Finish: A mixture of tea and mint lingers on the tongue with an almost unnatural fight for both effervescent mint and clean pure soft green tea (6/10)


Volume tea: 5 heaping teaspoons
Water: 1200ml
Temp: 180*
Time: 2 Minutes


I love mint teas, green teas and light delicate floral teas, but I remain indifferent on this one. Probably not a reorder. 

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