Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adagio Teas - Earl Grey Bravo


  • Nose: Medium Tea, Strong Bergamot, faint citrus notes (10/10)
  • Brew: Dark Brown
  • First Note: Strong Tea, Light Bergamot note (9/10)
  • Body: Lots of flavor both from tea and Bergamot (8/10)
  • Finish: Slightly dry finish, lingering Bergamot aromatics (8/10)

Volume tea: 5 heaping teaspoons
Water: 1200ml
Temp: 212*
Time: 3 Minutes


So far this is one of my favorite Earl Grey Teas, the orange is super subtle and the bergamot is not overpowering, but still finishes with powerful aromatic notes. This will probably end up in my permanent line up for breakfast teas. It has just enough boldness to wake up the senses without offending.

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