Friday, December 16, 2016

Adagio Teas - Jade Oolong


  • Nose: Light floral (10/10)
  • Brew: Golden 
  • First Note: Light, Wet, Fresh (9/10)
  • Body: Light and very mildly sweet (8/10)
  • Finish: Moist with a slightly dry finish, aromatics linger. (7/10)


Volume tea: 4 heaping teaspoons
Water: 500ml
Temp: 180*
Time: 4 Minutes


A very nice light sipping tea, not strong enough in flavor for my muted taste buds in the mornings, but its refreshing sweetness and aromatics would make this a nice evening or late afternoon sipping tea. This is definitely one I will probably keep on hand. Has a very natural honey like edge note. I might try brewing it again for 3 Minutes instead of 4 to reduce the dry finish a little bit as it is so light and moist on the onset. I hope that a reduced brew time does not lessen the body as it is already very light and delicate.


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