Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Adagio Teas - Silver Needle


  • Nose: Almost no nose, steam and a faint trail of honey (7/10)
  • Brew: Light Golden 
  • First Note: Wet and Light (7/10)
  • Body: Thin and mild moisture, deep palate (7/10)
  • Finish: wet dryness, no lingering flavor but causes palate to moisten after the swallow  (8/10)


Volume tea: 8 heaping teaspoons
Water: 1000ml
Temp: 180*
Time: 3 Minutes


This tea is very mild, it does not try to present itself as a center of attention. It would make a great cup of tea for with a meal, it refreshes the palate and causes you to salivate when swallowed. It is like a good acidic wine with a heavy meal, it cuts away all the lingering flavors so you can enjoy the next bite. I might try a longer steep time to see if it opens up any additional flavors on the second brew. This tea is very lovely, outside of being a nice compliment to a meal, I am not sure it is a tea I would sit and sip. 

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