Friday, January 6, 2017

Adagio Teas - Blueberry (black tea)


  • Nose: Oddly scented blueberry  (6/10)
  • Brew: Dark Brown 
  • First Note: Sweet blueberry aromas and a light black tea (7/10)
  • Body: Tea flavor is muted by what tastes like an artificial blueberry flavor (5/10)
  • Finish: The over exaggerated blueberry aroma follows you after the sip and is distracting to the end (5/10)


Volume tea: 5 heaping teaspoons
Water: 1200ml
Temp: 212*
Time: 3 Minutes


I love blueberry and I love black teas, but the almost artificial flavor of the blueberry is way to forward. Even though the ingredient list says blueberries and natural blueberry flavors it has a very artificial blueberry flavor. Maybe if the blueberry was more muted it would be enjoyable, the black tea that is in this one is very nice but that is the limit of this tea. I am very concerned as I have a few other blueberry teas from this vendor. 

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