Sunday, June 18, 2017

An End to Tea Reviews

No, I have not stopped the consumption of tea. However, like all hobbies, the 80/20 rule applies here. When I set out to on my tea drinking adventure there was not much I knew other than it could provide a stable source of caffeine. For those not in the know, caffeine is an essential chemical in the design and manufacturing of quality software. Unlike other essential chemicals, caffeine does not react with the atmosphere and therefore does not require an inert gas such as argon to be using during the production of software.


I learned a lot:
- Loose leaf
- Different regions
- Different elevations
- Different fermenting and handling
- Different variations of herbals
- Brew volume, time, temperature and expansion

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with people, but unfortunately, I cannot continue with tea.

Months, Pounds and Hundreds of dollars later I have found my favourite teas are high mountain oolongs. High elevation grown oolongs have a robust but delicate classic "tea" taste, a forward note of sweetness, mild hints of floral aromas and finish with a touch of discerning moisture. mmmmm Unfortunately for you, my friends and readers most of these teas I am enjoying today are sourced directly from China via a local shop and their packaging is well, either non-existant or 100% labelled in characters I do not have time to figure out. If you are interested in sourcing some of these teas I have become a regular at Mountain View Tea Village on Castro St in downtown Mountain View. Of the few that have English names I highly recommend the Drunken Princess Oolong, but most of the others I haven't the slightest clue on their names. Sorry. Visit your local tea shop and work with the staff to appropriate a collection that best matches you taste buds. For most of the Oolongs, I find the first cup is usually good, but the second and third brews of the leaves are where the flavour comes alive. They probably would perform much better with the Gongfu method of brewing, however, that method does not fit into my life.

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